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The Bold Gaia
Kawas Bhasin

The Bold Gaia



THE BOLD GAIA We come with nothing when we take birth on mother earth and yet she gives us everything we have today without asking anything in return. So let us give back to her by spreading peace and love across all human levels and by living a strong and bold life no matter how hard it gets for all of us. And this is what I have created in my art piece, “THE BOLD GAIA”. The dull blue thin paint lines created across the art piece is the representation of cracks on our mother earth. No matter how many natural disasters try to destroy the mother nature and no matter how fast a virus spreads to diminish human population, our mother earth - Gaia emerges through those cracks and stands bold and strong and continues to give us even more. There is famous quote which I love, “ Who we are is God’s gift to us and who we become is our gift to God” – Eleanor Powell Art piece details - Dimensions - 20” x 20” inches Shape - Round Technique – Puddle pour – Swivel style Artist: Kawas Bhasin

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