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A look at the pond
Joy Lachat JSL

A look at the pond



Title: A look at the pond
Technique: Acrylic painting
Dimensions: 33 cm x 41 cm x 2 cm (length x height x width)
Year of realization: 2021

‘A Look at the Pond’ is an invitation to watch and to enter the painting to discover the artist Joy Lachat artistic goals and intentions. A deep and at the appearance dark pond is the main character of the scene, on which here and there some pink water lilies are lying. The deep brushes that create the movement of the water, have perfectly been studied and thought by the artist in order to confer a dynamic perception of the whole scene. Significant is the use of the light blue at the center of the canvas that calls the viewer's attention, where the flowers are bigger and the water seems to be more agitated. This is the center of the pond and, symbolically, the artist’s heart. Joy Lachat is a painter of emotions; feelings and dreams. To meet and understand ourselves in front of her works, observing them, is something she looks at, as a cure.

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