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Diane Heckert

Diane Heckert



Diane Heckert was born in the German town of Hildesheim in 1966. She actually works, inter alia, as a freelance artist who, in the past ten years, has dealt extensively with differ-ent structural materials. In addition to taking part in several international exhibitions,
Diane offers salutogenic art workshops for children and adults on request, in which she brings together her salutogenic counseling practice ( ) with art.

"Our longing for constant control prohibits us to follow our intuition. But if we give up control, we can let ourselves be guided by our innermost being. Venturing into uncer-tainty, embracing the process, and trusting that we can make it our own - that is the foun-dation on which we can create something wonderfully touching. The dynamics inherent to the materials that come to play during the formation of cracks resemble the unpredict-ability of life itself: neither one goes always as planned. If something unexpected hap-pens, we can distance ourselves from it, suffer from it, maybe even give up on it. Or we find a way to cope with the new situation and to shape it in our manner. Accepting it and making it my own: that is exactly what interests me. That is my approach to art. My preferred materials for designing life-comparative processes include, almost without exception, natural materials such as marble powder, champagne chalk, various types of sand, of chalk and of natural glue, coal, waxes, egg tempera, casein and others”.


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