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Simone Boon

Simone Boon



Simone Boon, a Dutch artist, finds effortless accord with the fundamentals of art. Her
mastery of line, form, space, value and colour is expressed in her figurative and abstract
photography. Elusive Phenomenology is imbued with Simone’s comprehensively
perceptive articulation of patterns of movement and their intrinsic link to the passage of
Raised and living amongst of melting pot of influences in East and West. Simone’s life has
been defined by a nomadic quality. Her affinity for observing and documenting the overt
and covert nuances of cultures, religion, race and creed has culminated in art of an
ambitious complexity tempered by pure aesthetic beauty. Experiencing her photographs is
a dive through a surface of orchestrated composition and spectral colours, continuing on
through myriad planes where time, space and place begin to coalesce finally shrugging off
preconceived linear definitions to instead, exist in a state of elegant flux.
Simone explores this transitory essence in a highly produced process of technical and
dramatic aptitude. Tendrils of movement are captured by photographing with slow
shutter speeds, the smallest aperture, and low light. Models are cloaked, veiled and draped
in layers of fabric of different weight and opacity that act as pulse points connection
moments which map shapes and seem to suspend time. Dans like movements of the body
are rendered in one single image, visualising the in-between moments that unify the before
and after.
Unveiling, forms, forms of transition that one never could see with the naked eye, are
revealed by the camera, an intriguing and fascinating aspect of her abstract work.


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