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GURIA ABISSAL (abyssal girl)
Cristina Merkl

GURIA ABISSAL (abyssal girl)



Title: GURIA ABISSAL (abyssal girl)
Year: 2019
Size: 100 x 100cm
Technique: Acrylics on Canvas

They say it takes a long time for something to happen all of a sudden. Sometimes we braid ourselves in trying an impossible mighty escape. The perfect “calm place” does not come to us as easy as we imagined, nor available as if all rivers had tree trunks floating around waiting for us to reach for rescue. Sometimes the fear starts with the shower drain: they say it sucks all our vital energy!
But what if just for a shower something changes?
After we have us all soaped up and already washed our hair, what if we let the water melt us so we just flow? Our “I” would go through the infamous sieve of the drain and after some confusion, some drifts and a lot of treatment for the soul's sewers, we would continue to flow through waters and waterfalls! And then my abyssal friends? ...and then we will be Ocean! (inspired on oriental philosophy)

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