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Lea Edwards

Lea Edwards



Lea Edwards was born in the United States and currently resides in the gulf coast of Florida where she got involved in the art community and events since 2017. It is here that she met tal-ented and committed artists to influence her to continue to pursue being an artist. She has a family and a corporate career to provide stability and support this effort. Lea has had a strong appreciation of art since childhood and was raised in a house with art creation. Influenced and taught by her mother, who was a talented watercolour and acrylic painter. While being mostly self-taught artist, has recently pursued online art courses for continual learning and skill devel-opment. Her art journey has continued to amaze her as it has been a road of increasing oppor-tunities and unexpected turns. She looks forward to continually developing her skill and crea-tions to share with others. She works with Oil and Acrylic mediums on canvas.

“I love nature and being able to include it in my art with bright patterns of color” - Lea Edwards
“When a client sees a painting for the first time and makes an instant connection with the art-work is simply rewarding and astonishing.” - Lea Edwards
“The magic of art is an incredible energy and connects people in a positive way regardless of any differences.” – Lea Edwards


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