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Patrícia Abreu

Patrícia Abreu



Patrícia Abreu is a Brazilian Visual Artist, graduated in Design, in 1991, at PUC-RJ, Brazil. She worked for 15 years in Artistic Production and Costume Design for Audiovisual Dramaturgy. After this period, she worked as a freelancer in various areas of Visual Arts. Currently, she rescues the practice of Photography as a conceptual, formal and artistic exercise. With her editorial expertise focused on Graphic Design, she uses her image editing skills, to perform digital interferences in her Macro Photographs, aiming to expand her artistic expressiveness, thus building her own Library of Botanical Images. Themes about Time, Memory and the Natural World are a constant presence in her work. Always interested in the mysteries of Nature life, which is covered beyond the visible surfaces that envelopes what we see and blur what we imagine. Since 2021, she has participated in various Group Exhibitions, at Collect Art, ARTDOC Magazine, Envision Arts, LoosenArt Gallery, Galeria EIXO and others. In her artistic practice, she enjoys applying her editing skills to digital interference in her photographic images, as much as she enjoys using Macro Photography as an intervention-free technique in post-production. Always with the aim of expanding her artistic expression in the visual field of image creation. By viewing abstractions through her focused Macro Lens, she discovered a delightful way to construct her images. Let the light trace the lines to follow, direct the eye and reveal the sensations as we see, allowing the mystery of the shadows, colors, contours and visible shapes of the new image tell us its path. "The construction of images captured photographically, as instruments of visualization of imprecise worlds to our naked eyes. Both for the light that passes through the lenses that deform and magnify, and for the unconventional investigation of the chosen subject. All the imprecise questions and subtle answers faced on this journey, leave me more than fascinated by Contemporary Photography and the future of image making.”


2023: “Women of Vision”, presso la Icon Artes Photography Gallery - presso il Bhering Factory Cultural Complex – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2023: EIXO Reserva Gallery at the Reserva Cultural Complex - Niterói, Brasil.
2023: Colletive Exhbition in Make Art Gallery – Roma, Italy.
2022: Loosen Art Gallery Photography Gallery – Sardegna, Italy.


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