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Marc Janssens

Marc Janssens



Marc Janssens is a Belgian artist born in Duffle in 1970.
He started painting in acrylics as a hobby until the end of 2019.
Encouraged by friends and acquaintances, who greatly appreciate him, he decided to get busy quickly and set to work almost daily. Under the name Mrac_Acrylic_Art and a self-designed custom logo, he tried to perfect his acrylic work.
Since then, 'acrylic art' has never left him.
His passion for abstract art now also gives him the opportunity to escape from everyday reality. The artist starts with a blank canvas and then lets his instincts and emotions run wild with intuition.
His work is very colorful and varied. His abstract works fit perfectly with modern and elegant architecture.
The artist takes pride in the fact that each work is based on unique originality and leaves room for dreams and emotions.
He leaves plenty of room for dreams and imagination.
The effect that transpires from his canvases is of a scratching gesture, as if the canvas were scratched sharply and quickly. Scratches and marks that are usually black, dark in color, and appear in the foreground against a variously colored background.
The work What's behind my colors is an example of this: two colors seem to be the protagonists, teal and dark red. The two colors, horizontally and vertically, mark the canvas and subdivide it into disappearances. However, the whole is unified by the dark marks, which, like cracks, line the surface. The light green color also emerges at times, a bright green that restores the painting's vitality. The viewer is left to wonder what lies behind these colors that Marc Janssens has intuitively laid on the canvas.


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