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Mozoon was born in Saudi Arabia in 1994. She has always been interested in drawing images with paint and charcoal. She first found this Art a fun thing to do; nevertheless, with time, she got seized on it. She has always been an influencer towards Art and Creativity, which made her passion more competent. In 2013, she had a new love for Art; portraits were fascinating to her. She started learning to draw and paint in charcoal, oil, acrylic, and mixed media. This Art kept mounting in her heart from time to time, and with time, she started to be interested in “Abstract Art," which she felt; was a moment of discovery and expressing her inner self. Today, she is a zealous self-taught Abstract Artist, painting in acrylic, oil, charcoal, and mixed media. The work is her journey of discovery and expressions embodied in paintings. Expressing the thoughts and feelings from the journey, experience the continuous discovery of the inner self-represented in a piece of Art.

With this zeal and enthusiasm towards her work, She has provided a platform to the seekers of creativity, and the vision of developing these things was to allow the persons who can find great work of Art and Creativity. She worked with great zeal and passion for the aesthetic sensibility of Art and Creativity. She has put a lot of effort into establishing a platform, “Mozoon Art" which also has an excellent place for art lovers and people searching for art and creativity. Her journey gives an eye to look beyond the precincts of the world into another world of Art with great passion and perspective. She toiled away and succeeded many times. Her mission of developing this sense of ability and vision infatuation has given different ways to people to think about creativity. It is the Artists' view that sensibility is an artist's inner.


Solo exhibition
2018 winner of Al-Deraiya Souk for a talent discovery Competition by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia.
2022 honorable mention in the art show international gallery's "7th Abstract" art competition in LA, California, USA.

Group exhibition
2023 three group Exhibitions and five Events in Riyadh, KSA
2023 collective exhibition in Rome, Italy


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