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I throw lemons
Eva Graudenz

I throw lemons



Title: I throw lemons
Year: 2022
Size: 36 x 48 cm
Technique: Watercolor

With lemons thrown by the population against a tank, the artist expresses her feelings about the war. Sour as a lemon that families have to suffer, sour that the civilian popula-tion must defend itself against destruction with their hands and feet. She’s mad that the war is against the innocent and that the madness is not stopped.

Poem “I throw lemons”

I throw lemons
against stupid monsters!
I throw lemons at so many with their weapons
only lemons.
I throw lemons on steel bait and angry slogans.
I throw lemons that bounce off in bitter obedience.
And yet I throw it
and thus aim to
every individual who dutifully marches along without his own brain.
Anyone who screams deaf without their own responsibility and anyone who trivializes and lies.
I bite back in
into the yellow-sour almost round thing,
so I can meet her better
the obedient zombies of the psychopaths.
And I treat each individual in his or her collective stupidity with contempt.
'Cause I’m as pissed off as those lemons!

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