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Portrait of Joachim Ringelnatz
Pia Dressler-Theis

Portrait of Joachim Ringelnatz



Title: Portrait of Joachim Ringelnatz
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 50 x50
Technical: acrylics on canvas

Joachim Ringelnatz known primarily as a poet was also a great painter
“I have an itch,
But I can't itch
Because my fingers are full of color.

And I have the swallow.
When I swallow the brush - - Hupp.

In my fly locker
Hums a fly rumbling,
Locked up, wanting to get out.
No fly lives on Worcester sauce.

Ah, hunger hurts.
But it spares the pants
And makes them loose.

Ha! Now I've got an idea!
Hurt! But no light ocher”.
Joachim ringelnatz

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