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Hiroaki Furukawa




Title: Storyteller
Year: 2022
Size: 15.8x22.7cm
Technique: Highlighter, Blush pen, Pastel, Crayon, Aqyla, Oil colored pencil. The materials are layered in the orders of senses which the artist felt from the motif. Like sound for highlighter, smell for blush pen, touch for colored pencil, etc. With this way of art, I try to express the shape of world from what a person feels, and what spreads beyond the stage of paper.

It's an old Japanese culture called "Kamishibai". A story teller shows pictures, and reads narration for each picture as a play. For until 40~50 years ago, there were many of these people showing this to kids, and I recently found one person in the hill of Yanaka Tokyo. I suppose there are other types of story telling people in each country, just like him.

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