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We're getting married in the morning
Sophia Rose Byrne

We're getting married in the morning



Title: We're getting married in the morning
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 70x90cms
Technical: Digital piece

It's a digital art drawing done on a Samsung galaxy S6 lite, that comes with a stylus pen and I used the sketchbook app to create it. I've used a photograph that I took of Lainie (that's her abbreviated name) her actual name is Delainie Carr. She is very photogenic and naturally poses in front of the camera. A few months ago she and her boyfriend were hop-ing to marry, that's why I put her in a white dress. The picture makes me think of Freda Kahlo, who along with her partner Diego Rivera uses a floral motif frequently and the flowers they paint (lollies I believe) have become synonymous with their artwork.

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