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Line Segment Series_25 Shapes of Moon
Jasper Wang

Line Segment Series_25 Shapes of Moon



Title: Line Segment Series_25 Shapes of Moon
Year: 2022
Technique: JavaScript

Line Segment Series is a series of study using line segments to interpret objects, gravities and physical laws. In 2019, United States Postal Service (USPS) issued a legendary set of stamps themed “First Moon Landing” in celebration of 50th anniversary of Apollo 11- and first-man’s landing on the moon. The set of stamp has two stamps’ designs, one is Armstrong’s view of Aldrin in his space suit and the other design is a photograph of moon shot in a later date. The two designs stagger in the layout of 24 stamps. 25 Shapes of Moon is inspired by this stamp layout design, and the initial idea of the moon array has been revised with planogram thoughts. Instead of 25 identical moons in the layout of 5x5, moons with different sizes showing views from different distances are snapped on the grid.

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