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Sirgo Medeles Pimentel Mexican Artist born in Cuernavaca, Morelos (1979), who has been paint-ing for almost all his life and professionally lived by it for twenty-five years. His contact with the ar-tistic world began when he was five years old, at the moment, he discovered a box of his father's oil paintings in the attic. He spent hours looking at art books, playing with oil paintings, and listening to classical music. Later he took drawing and cello classes. At this very young age knew that he wanted to be an artist and at the age of ten sold his first painting. He studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Sculpture and Art History at the Center for the Arts in Cuernavaca, México and worked for three years in the Graphic Workshop of the José Luis Cuevas Museum where he learned all graphic techniques. In 2005 he taught Painting and Art History lessons through the tele-vision channel TVCUN in Yucatán, Mexico. The following year he began to give private painting classes in his studio and has organized a series of workshops and courses, such as: "The spir-itual in Art", "Muralism Workshop of Quintana Roo" and "Art as a universal connection". Medeles has participated in nearly 40 solo and group exhibitions in various museums and galleries in Mexi-co, the United States and Europe. Among them are the following:
● "Nuevas Visiones" at the Dolores Olmedo Museum (Mexico City, 2007).
● "Eden" in H.I.G. Cronus Capital, (New York, 2008).
● "Ukranian Art Week", (Kiev, Ukraine, 2009).
● "El Juguete", Itinerant Collective Exhibition, which has been circulating for more than three years in important Galleries and Cultural Centers in Mexico such as the Museo del Pueblo, Guanajuato (2018), ¨Espacio Carranza¨ Gallery in Mexico City. (2019) and Zapopán City Hall Jalisco (2021) among others.
● "XIX Encuentro de Pintura y Estampa Efraín Vargas", Alfredo Zalce Museum of Contemporary Art (Morelia, Mich., 2019).
● "110 AEPE", 110th Anniversary of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Casa del Reloj, Matadero (Madrid, 2020).
Today his works are distributed in various cities in Mexico, the United States and Europe

Artist Statement:
I feel that my latest progress in this past year has been related to my internal process, For the last 20 years I been searching inside me, in therapist I even became a monk for two years in a Vipassana meditation center a few years ago! I been searching in myself! So, for me the use of metaphors in language and combined with meditation have given me the guideline for my own inspiration. In sum my creative path is the result of the inner search physically and intellectually combined with the peaceful sense of the meditation for me to see the images that I paint!


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