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Vincent Van der Bosch
Digital artist

Vincent Van der Bosch

Digital artist


Born in Athens, 1983, as Aggelos Bousbouras, in my early artworks known as Substant. ( Abstruse) And Vincent van der Bosch- a pen name based on three countries that influenced my work. Vincent : England and the Gothic temples, inspired by the dark and the unknown Van Der : Holland and the expansion, openness of art Bosch : a part of my initially Given Surname, also meaning Forest in Dutch, and forests is where I feel my inner self intact. Reading and seeking something unknown to me – which the fates point to be myself- the ever-mysterious intangible meaning , all matters and topic of interest, from sociology, psychology, to the sciences, physics , mathematics, geometry , philosophy and fiction, seeking the common element, the whole, the Gestalt, the one that is seemingly separate, in experiencing , thinking and feeling and any mode of being possibly imagined, the most exciting thing to live about, the mysterious, the undiscovered waiting patiently to be unveiled. Through times of frustration, wonder and despair, excitement, hedonistic overload and blank emptiness, the totality of life into the substance. Working on a system (since 2003), to unite different media forms by the application of mathematical principles. Building on it with more advanced knowledge, the use or proportions, or patterns of ratios (ratio-orders) functioning as a ‘universal language’ uniting parameters of audio to audio, audio to visual, visual to visual, and to any sense where a parameter can be measured, as a cross-conversion artistic language, method and system. Applications of it so far can be found into my music ( such as Xeno’’n’’ ‘s project, in pieces were patterns of ratios are used to define an interval scale, a tempo scale, a rhythm and metric scale),in Abstruse music project where spatial elements are corresponding to geometrical ratios to be listened with 3d binaural sound ( album ‘ Space Twofold’ (2014) in my Motion2Sound software, where visual-motion properties are converted into audio rhythmic properties, in works of digital art, where color palettes , aspect ratio- scales, color-saturation scales are used, converted from melodic scales. Seeking the archetypes, the prototype orders, through the passage of time, the change of forms, styles, media and textures, merging one with the other, one into the other, one against the other, the other in the previous,in the next, in its mirror, in the breaking of it, in its rest and extreme stretching, into the dream, the real ,the digital and the holographic, the virtual, the transitory, the transcendent, the insignificant and the magnificent...> In the dream of the dream, the reality of the digital, the post-holographic, back to nought and the sublime

One zero everything.
Their energy omnipresent
always in flow,
nowhere to cease
Everything zero one.
Their essence identical
Always anchored
Never to be altered
One Everything


Master of Science in Media technology- Art Science ( Collaboration of Leiden University with Den Hague’s Art Academy, The Netherlands, 2007-10. Significant courses : Multimedia Systems, Creative Research, Sound – Space and Interaction, Image and Vision, Meta-Media, Senses Interference. Dissertation topic ‘’Perceiving patterns of ratios when they are converted from relative duration to melody and from cross rhythms to harmony’’ ( published as a research paper in the Journal of Music and Dance ) As part of the program courses form Athens Fine Art Academy master program ‘Digital Art Forms’ were taken (2008-9), with the courses : Script/Direction, Hybrid-Art Forms. Bachelor of Arts in Communication, specialization in Film Studies, minor in Music,
Deree College, Athens, Greece ,2003-7. Significant courses : Editing/montage, Film Theory, Media aesthetics, Film Music, Music since 1945. Senior Project : ‘Neuronal Forest’ ( The parallels of trees structures with brain neurons’ network), video art study, selected to participate in Athens Video Art Festival , Gazi, 2007 , also featured in Abstruse’s musical project, in ‘Transgression CD/DVD, released in 2007.


08/2021 – Finished Pilot Study with a Research proposal aiming to be funded: Judging on the character/emotion of musical interval patterns (orders), including their valence, intensity, closure and the listeners’ dispositions. “Hypothesizing that patterns of intervals , represented in ratios (ratio-orders), or cents ( interval orders), could be the primary elicitors of emotion/character recognition in music , I designed and conducted a pilot study(2020)”
12/2020- 8/2021Pilot Study : «Judging on the character/emotion of musical interval patterns (orders), including their valence, intensity, closure and the listeners’ dispositions.». Unpublished pilot study based on my theory of prototype ‘ratio-orders’ in the production of perception of emotion (and emotional elements) in music.
01/2018 Journal Of Music and Dance –Published paper ‘’ Perceiving patterns of ratios when they are converted from relative durations to melody and from cross rhythms to harmony’’.
06-09/2017 Stavros Niarchos culture center/ Greek National Opera – Transmedia Labworks: selected to participate in seminars and artists’ collaboration to create an interactive audiovisual installation.
09/2014 Arts cape Gallery- «Χωρογραφίες, σημεία φυγής», expositions with the theme of exploring the subjective dimension of space and the role of elements of movement, wandering, conflict. Participated with Motion-to 3d Sound. (Converting motion of participants intro 3d (binaural) sound compositions.
10/2012 Art4More- International festival for art and mental health, Motion2Sound Live Demonstration and performance by dancer Maria Arvanitaki.
08/2009 The infinite Piece- Along with the programmer Mario Ruiz, the 'infinite piece' is made. A piece that uses midi instrumental phrases that are ever-changing ad infinitum with the use of l-system algorithms. There is a potentially infinite horizontal time sequence and a vertical one with has interval ratios within ratios , a kind of fractal music. ( demonstrated in Media Technology master program of Leiden Universitry, the Netherlands.
08/2009 Intetain 3rd International conference on Intelligent technologies and entertainment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Participated Author, Published and demonstrated a software titled Motion2Sound in which motion properties of video input or live camera input are converted into sound properties for virtual instruments (vst),
09/2008 Dimea – 3rd International Conference for Media and Entertainment, Athens, Participated Published and demonstrated a software titled Motion2Sound.
08/2008, created the short-film ‘Minus’ whith a red negative digital filter running through the whole film as a project for ‘script and direction’ for Greek Athens Academy of Fine Art Master ‘ Digital-Art Forms’
06/2007 Athens Video Art Festival Participant - Participated with Neuronal Forest.


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