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Ayaki Masutani

Ayaki Masutani



Born1989/11/16, Japan
Ever since I was a child, I have loved to express myself using my body.
Among various forms of expression, painting has always been close to my heart.
In high school, I went to an expression school where the curriculum was mainly focused on stage expression.
For my graduation project, I presented a creative dance arranged from Balinese dance.
I attended an art school and entered Osaka University of Arts after wasting one year.
After graduating from the university, I did not find a job, but worked part-time and stayed away from creative activities such as painting.
What inspired me to write this piece is that when I wanted to create something with someone from now on, I felt that painting was an essential part of my identity, and I started it "for myself" to face the painting that I had been running away from for so long.
At first, it was just for myself, but as I uploaded my work to Instagram, the response was greater than I expected, and I am also very happy that I was able to create work that is fun, energetic, and independent.


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