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Fredrik Alfredsson

Fredrik Alfredsson



Fredrik Alfredsson is a self taught artist currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden.
He has a wife and two children and besides the endeavour of becoming an acknowledged artist he works as a sous chef at one of Scandinavias finest hotels.
After moving from his hometown Vänersborg he went to different acting schools and eventually became
part of the cultural scene in Gothenburg.
He has always felt close to the creative side of life and after some years of acting, creative writing, painting
and so on a trip to New York in 2006 finally set the path.
He’s art is moving from an abstract/abstract expressionistic style to somewhat closer to neo-expressionistic.
The techniques he uses varies from ordinary/classic brushes, sponges and water to other more
unconventional things in order to create different forms and structures.
He works almost exclusively in acrylic but it depends on the emotional state witch colors he chooses at a
certain time.
When asked about the future the answer the answer comes quick.

- I have a vision in my head but if I ever going to reach... I don’t know but in the meantime I really hope
that my art can have an effect on a lot of different people. Both people in the art world and the everyday
people cause I believe that art should be exposed for everybody to see.
And that is something I feel strongly about.

” The more I paint the more I like everything”
Jean-Michel Basquiat


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