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Born in Gunma Prefecture, Japan in 1981.
She became interested in drawing when she was a child because her mother often drew pictures for her.
She repeatedly copied her favorite manga artists and often drew portraits.
Influenced by Akira Toriyama, Teru Tajima, Taiyo Matsumoto, and Katsuya Terada.

After coming of age, she worked as a designer at a printing company, designing menus and illustrations for restaurants.

In 2019, she encountered Aboriginal art and was strongly inspired by it, and the following year, in 2020, she began to draw abstract paintings based on black and white line draw-ings in order to draw more freely, intuitively, and sensuously.

Life (white) and death (black), light (white) and shadow (black), heaven (white) and earth (black), day (white) and night (black), sun (white) and moon (black)...
I use black and white to express things that are opposite but inextricably linked.
Also, the overwhelming power, beauty, and presence of nature. The beauty of forms and color schemes that are full of energy in nature. Inspired by the art found in nature, I follow my own intuition and senses to draw "new forms" with the goal of creating pictures that evoke the life force of the natural world.
She uses procreate on iPad to draw.


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