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East Past and West Present Collection
Tiki Mulvihill

East Past and West Present Collection



East Past and West Present Collection Description: East Past to West Present presents an alternative view of Canada’s East to West historic alteration over centuries. Each site and sculptural landscape activates notions and knowledge of location and evolution of humanity. This maintains fundamental knowledge of Canadian historical evolution originating from early contact to our contemporary era. Each Province, from East to West, evolves in degrees of 50-80 years forging a time progression. A smaller representation of past begins in the most Eastern province at first early contact and evolves by milestone dates concluding in Present time within the West. Historical components of the past are situated within each Province and the apparatuses begin to enlarge upon the wall. The last five move further West with components advancing towards the gallery floor. The final contemporary apparatuses situates within gallery centre with majestic animation. Within activation notions of certain places and past, Provincial installation elements center upon historic research. These exposing antiquities ignite Canadian humanity changes, both positive and negative. Space-through-time, formulate evolutionary artwork which tieback introductions and transitions. Artist: Tiki Mulvihill

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