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Kyujin Cho
Digital artist

Kyujin Cho

Digital artist


Born: Seoul, South Korea, 1996
Resides: Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea
Education: London College of Fashion (UAL), Fashion Jewellery (Bachelor of Arts), London, United Kingdom, 2014-2017
Kyujin Cho is a digital artist who creates unknown creatures by collaging and transforming different creatures in the earth. From a very young age, Kyujin Cho has been having a great interest in using different colour and creating new patterns. She not only drew illustration but also designed different kinds of accessories that have different combination of colour, shapes, and patterns when she was a teenager. In 2014 Kyujin Cho exhibited her designed perfume bottles, that have her own creative, obsessive patterns, at her first group exhibition, ‘The nature’, and by this experience she opened her eyes to sculptural art. In order to fulfill her diverse interest, she decided to study jewellery, that acquires pattern, colour, and sculpting, so she went to London in 2014. In 2017 Kyujin Cho completed Fashion Jewellery (BA Honours) course in London College of Fashion with her final collection “KKUM”, which means ‘dream’ in Korean. Based on the idea of Surrealism Kyujin Cho’s final collection was made and it became the starting point of her to have a great obsession in Surrealism and the Imaginary world. Ever since then, Kyujin Cho had created carved jewellery and hand drawn artworks that embody the idea of Surrealism and her own imaginary world by using different living creatures in the Earth. In order to realize her imagination more realistically Kyujin Cho deviated from her original style of drawing and started to graft digital techniques onto her artworks in 2021. By that she opened a new era for her artworks and till now, she has been creating unknown creatures in digital form by collaging different living creatures in the earth by transforming their colour and shapes. In the nature, species evolve to adapt and reproduce their offspring. Some of the species, like flowers, evolve to attract others, and some other species evolve to hide from others. Scientists say that there are still over five millions of undiscovered species in the earth and I presume that they are the ones who evolve for thousands years to be hidden from any other species. If so, what will they look like? And where will they live? ‘The unknowingness’ arouses my curiosity and stirs up my imagination. From there, my creations of unknown creatures have been made. Like an octopus disguises itself with surroundings, my imaginative creatures are made out of different parts of living creatures in the earth, such as petals of a flower, head of jelly fish, parts of translucent animals, and so on. Just like any other discovered creatures in the earth, their components not only are just a part of their feature but also help them to survive and reproduce. For example, ‘Discovery: space butterfly’, that is a mobile habitat for other creatures in the unknown place, attract other creatures by their flower components. By doing so, it draws minerals on other creatures’ body when they land. The unknown creatures, they might be big like the ocean or they might be small like a tiny little cell in our body. They might live in a space or they might live right next to us. They might look exactly like my works or they might look familiar. Whatever they will be, I want you to take a moment to create your own creatures in your own space. Who knows? One day someone will discover an unknown creature that looks exactly like your imagination. Even if it’s not, don’t be sad. As long as you imagine, they will keep floating around the earth hidden from others.

2017 London College of Fashion, ‘ The Great get together exhibition’, London United Kingdom
2017 London College of Fashion, ‘ LCF EXTERNAL SHOW’, London, United Kingdom
2014 OKYO exhibition, ‘The nature’, Seoul, South Korea


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