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Tanja Berg

Tanja Berg



I was born in Berlin and am a former ballet dancer having performed during 12 years in dif-ferent theatres throughout Germany and with Sacpino Ballett Rotterdam.
I am now living since seven years in Mallorca in a small town at the south coast, working from home in the travel industry and am always happy when I find the time to escape work and to take my camera and experiment with it. Besides the photography, which recently got my favorite form of expression, I play the piano and love to be in nature.
There it is where I started to take photos with the ICM technic (Intentional camera move-ment), resulting to create abstract forms and surrealistic impressions and giving life to sometimes expressive fantasy creatures which might evoke the feeling in the observer, that they are having a soul.
I receive images through moving the camera, which the eye, with a steady focus on the chosen object, would not be able to see, asking myself, what is reality? Is it depending on the observer`s position, on the speed and manner of his movement and the amount of light which falls into the scene while he is contemplating an object, how he perceives and defines reality? Curious how a drunken fly wearing sunglasses sees the world.
I love to enter into the mystic atmosphere of a forest or sense the energy of the sea while taking a walk at the coast, curious to see which story will be told to me through my cam-era, curious whom I will find hiding himself in a rock, stump or a tree for example and who allows me to see him.
Or on another day I am playing with light and movement indoor using which ever object.


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