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Fokion Zissiadis




AERIAL IV 2019 135x185 cm 100 kg OptiPlex technique * Photographic print face mounted on Acrylic Glass Color Consulting Group (lab) Opti-plex technique is the combination of a photographic inkjet print face, mounted on a 10mm Acrylic Glass. This technique offers an aesthetically modern image display, one that is characterized by increased sharpness, saturation, contrast, and enhanced dynamic range. When light penetrates the Acrylic Glass, an image of remarkable “closeness” to the viewer is created. The back side of the image is mounted on a 3mm black Acrylic Glass. The suspension mechanism consists of spacers which are applied on the back side; a short space is then left between spacers and the wall, thus giving the impression of a floating image! Important notice: All artworks have a unique serial number and are sold together with their Certificate of Authenticity. Artist: Fokion Zissiadis

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