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Quynh Klaus




Title: Polargewitter
Year: 2021
Size: Available prints in 40 x 40 cm - 80 x 80 cm - 120 x 120 cm -140 x 140 cm.
Technique: Mixed media. Tailor-made artworks as a real photo print behind acrylic glass, limited edition.

The Big Bang, existence and the physical universe are basically playful. They are more “playful“ than “purposeful“. There is no necessity for the physical universe whatsoever. It is not going anywhere. Meaning it does not have a certain destination that it has to arrive at. But with music as analogy the physical universe is best understood, because music, as an art form is basically playful. The whole point of a composition or dance is the music or dance itself, the same goes fo painting. “Polargewitter“ can be seen as universe at play or the subconscious mind with ideas at play. Or many more analogies. How would you imagine does the universe look like when it plays?

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