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I live and work in the Czech Republic. I started my artistic activity as a child, when I kept sketch-ing something at school during breaks and classes. At that time my life was mainly ballet, to whom I devoted all my free time for many years. I spent the time I had outside studying and dancing with a pencil and paper.
Over time, I fell in love with the artistic rendering in the form of graffiti and drew them on text-books, shoes,
backpack and sometimes on a legal surface therefore intended. With the outset of adolescence and the
need for employment, there was no time left for the dance, which left a big hole in me. For a long time, I
looked for an activity which would help me to fill that hole. I learned some new artistic activities, such as
playing the piano or the guitar or writing books. I spent a lot of time with horses. Their pres-ence along with
the challenge to stop being afraid of them and learn to ride them, helped me to feel the same as I had felt standing on the stage. Music and horses helped me a lot. After some time, I got the idea to return back to
art and bought everything I need for painting. One day I played some music and suddenly real-ized, that being “closed” in the studio, just with a brush and painting canvas, listening to the music I used to create choreography for, I was “the old me”, just creating choreography on canvas. Painting pictures is an important part of my life and each of my pictures is at the same time “a part of me”. They show my dreams, the things I
like, that’s why I often show dancing in them, my imagination which comes to me when I’m sleep-ing, going for a walk to a forest or sitting on a rock and looking at the landscape. That is why my best friend is my block, which I must always take with, because you never know when some-thing will come across mind.


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