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Be Free and Fly
Mehak Mittal

Be Free and Fly



Title: Be Free and Fly
Size: 56cm X 38cm
Technique: 640 GSM watercolor paper using professional watercolors and Ink


We were born in this universe to be free, without any borders and any rules. We are explorers, we love discovering new things. For many centuries women have been tied down across the world, but rules and customs that were created by humans. This artwork represents the sense of freedom a woman poses. Gender is not a measure of our limitations. The colors of the artwork represent the vibrancy that every woman carries. Like a bird soaring free through the skies, we are born free spirits and equal opportunity to flex our wings and try new things. This artwork symbolizes the free spirit of a woman. This is a message for every woman out there, that you have the potential to be anything that you want to be. You are free to fly as high as you want.

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