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Antonietta Grimaldi




Title: Abbraccio
Year: 2022
Size: 40x30
Technical: Acrylic on canvas

Description: The conceptual punctum is found in the architecture of the composition, which is imple-mented through a reinterpretation of the Chinese symbol of the Tao and which then punctuates the spaces through a specular interpenetration, which turns into a process of addition and interlocking of the two parts, showing two opposite sides and inseparable, metaphorically representing human nature. The hidden meaning of the work prompted the artist to ask himself that fateful question that has always anguished the human spe-cies, and drove man to want to know himself, representing, in their mixture, a sort of me-tonymy of thought that does not find a single solution but shows itself open to infinite variables, as many as there are minds that will wonder at the painting.

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