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Afraid to be happy/Bange for at være lykkelig

Afraid to be happy/Bange for at være lykkelig



Name: Afraid to be happy/Bange for at være lykkelig
Year: 8/2021
Size: 150x100 cm
Technique: Structure and acrylic on canvas. Brush and spatula work. Work with acrylic colors and pigment scattering, Wax pencil. Gloss vanished and dark grey frame.

A confrontation with the unknown. Kids form traumatizing lief experiences are extremely fearful of unpredictable situations, happiness can also be part of strength. It also happens, however, that the pre-vious stress again represents a re-traumatisation or the child freezes an prefers to defend himself in-stead of dealing with the new and unknown. When the fear becomes too strong, things like this happen. It wold rather remain trapped in the negative, destructive. They know their way around here and belie-ve they can do anything. It accepts the destructive, harmful structure because the other is so uncertain and unknown and tear seems excessive. Only the child knows which way it takes. We can only prepare the way and make it accessible, remove stumping blocks from the way.

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