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Beatrice Becker

Beatrice Becker



I am a modern self-taught German artist from near Düsseldorf. I am 23 years old and
currently doing my Master. On the side I work as a marketing freelancer and as I
always say I’m a loving single dog mom.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Every artist was first an amateur." I have always been
a creative person and the passion for art has been a part of me since early years. For
a long time, I expressed my passion in the form of drawing. However, Pablo Picasso
already recognized the challenge of growing up. And so, over the years, I have also
lost the time to pursue my passion. During Corona I rediscovered art, I found abstract
painting and fell in love again. Since then, my mind and spirit no longer stop to be
inspired by various things and to express this inspiration and my emotions on it on
My art is designed to fill a room and bring it to life; it should raise questions, provoke,
captivate, and arouse various emotions. Each of my artworks tells its own story,
which looks different for each viewer, that's what I love about art. People are not
fascinated by art because it is perfect. People are fascinated by art because it is
unique, different, and unusual, because it stands out. In a world where so many
people strive for perfection, perfection has become clichéd and boring. My art
reflects myself; it can be messy, different, unique and something very special and
beautiful in its own way. Just like every human being is. I hope that my art helps
people realize their uniqueness & their energy and learn to love what makes them
different from the masses.


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