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Yana Anokhina

Yana Anokhina



Fine Art Photographer, Jewelry Boxes Designer and Founder of J`amois.
Yana Anokhina was born in 1996 in the city of Dnipro. Graduated from Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, majoring in philology. She acquires love for photography and technical skills in the family; her father is an associate professor of mechanics and mathematics and has been addicted to film photography since 1954.
Yana has been shooting since her adolescence. Developing in analog and mobile photography.
The pandemic sweeping the world is leading her to artistic photography.
Since russian invasion moved to Paris in 2022.

Artist Statement
100% passionately curious.
I probably was born with the camera. It’s a family heritage skill. My father and my uncle shoot film. My grandgrand pa even made a camera by himself before WW2 living in the contryside. Visual art is my way to notice unobvious connections, blur borders between real and imagined, dig into myself, and appreciate the world's beauty.
The more grateful you are the more blessings come your way.
I create to bring uplifting, happy, joyful, and vital feelings.
Completely self-taught.


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