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Hilde Hegvik

Hilde Hegvik



Hilde Hegvik is a Norwegian Interior designer and in her spare time she paints as one of her many hobbies.
Her paintings are big and bold with colorful and playful expression. The paintings have a lot of texture, and she plays with using different painting techniques and movements. Hilde paints in-tuitively and usually meditates or dance before she does her spontaneous art. It is important for her to ground and bring honesty and a lively positive feeling into what she is creating. -When she paints, she feels free, let go of control and the clever girl she is. Sometimes its just nice to JUST BE, without any judgements or any pressure.
She has always been creative since she was a child. She grew up with creative parents and brother that is an architect. Her childhood was filled with innovative ideas, good friends, music, humor, and warmth. Hilde believes this is one big part of her creations today, that she wants to bring out to people.
Hilde has studied art and design, interior design for private and public spaces, business man-agement and leadership. She has also worked with sale and fashion and have a passion for trends. She has been travelling a lot through work and succeed with fantastic results in the global company she has worked in for 15 years. -All amazing people, environments and cultures has inspired her in her art. Hilde says art is a way to be total free, to let go of pressure and the picture- perfect world. For her art is about movement, like nature. Everything is changing- every-thing is fluid. Just have fun!
She can read energies easily and have a strong intuition. By this, she easily connects with people to find their style and emotion in the art.I became aware of acrylic painting and was fascinated by the many possibilities this technique has to offer. Subsequently I was able to acquire my cur-rent technique auto-didactically.


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