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For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawing, since childhood. All the walls in my room were covered with my drawings.
There was, of course, a break in creativity when I decided to connect my life with the economy, but I don’t regret it a bit, because I got a huge experience, life experience and I thank myself, first of all, that I went through this thorny path and became a professional in her field.
And now, after many years, I still returned to painting and I want to continue this tempting jour-ney. I’m even glad that there was such a break, all doubts have disappeared, dispelled and gone somewhere far away, there remains only a pure desire to draw and give joy. And my num-ber one task, since I'm back: now, today, in the near future, to paint in oils and not look back at anything and be better than myself yesterday in this every day!
And I can tell you for sure that a brush, a hand, paints, a palette and pencils are needed to draw, but a picture or a portrait is not created by them at all. It is impossible to paint a picture and not put your soul into it. First comes inspiration, a feeling of lightness or uncontrollable passion and you want to write, write, write. I am overwhelmed with a sense of joy inside and I want to share my energy, which splashes onto the canvas and penetrates the paints. And the brush begins to draw intricate strokes and no dream can prevent this energy from pouring onto the canvas, and the heart beats in unison with the movement of the hand, again and again filling me with energy, the energy of peace and creation, which I fill up through inspiration!
Where do I get inspiration, you ask? I can easily answer this question for you: “My inspiration is nature! I listen to the music of nature: the rustle of leaves in the forest, the murmur of a stream or the raging waves of the ocean, the singing of birds in the morning; I inhale the fragrance of wild flowers, the smell of fresh air after rain; I rejoice in the sun, rainbow, wind, rain, the onset of a quiet night. I watch the dawn, the sunrise and sunset, the dew drops on the grass, the spider weaving its lacy cobweb; and I also love the smell of air at night, I open the window and breathe, silence, peace ... and only crickets sing the melody of the night ... ".
You can list all these colors of nature indefinitely! Everything is around us; everything is near us! And it is a great happiness to live in this huge colorful world!
Painting is a special world; this is my world!


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