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Ewa Mroz

Ewa Mroz



Ewa Mroz The artist born in 1988, based in Poland.
The artist is gazed at sunrises and sunsets, swung by a gust of the wind, listened to the sound of the water, amazed by the opulence of colours and structures of the nature... The artist paints under the admiration of the life, here on the earth, stared at the sky.
Life rush, money and wealth chase, rat race. It’s all overwhelming. Cut off from the source. Bring anxiety and fear, block our inner thoughts. The only thing which safe us from de-struction is the return to the roots... to the nature. To the nature which gives us calmness and peace – the nature which is the harmony.
The paintings, which artist create from the bottom of her heart, show nature translated in-to the canvas... with a message to stop rush, look into yourself and in consequence to start essential and necessary inner dialogue. The nature shows that everything is as it should be and all happens at the right time. Nothing should be accelerated or slowed down. The artist also believes, that despite our differences, we all are one.
Artist has been painting since 2017. Creates mostly paintings in mixed technique on can-vas: acrylic paint, structural and modeling paste, golden details. Paints thousands of dots and stains which vibrate/resound on canvas. Artist creates a dance of details floating deli-cately in space. All this is contrasted with clear, defined, strong layers of paint, structures or scratches. All weave together in the earth tones.
Every painting presents different story, different emotions, but they all are coming from the nature, with a hint of mystery and with a positive energy, which is always present in the artist creations.


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