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I am within
Sandeep Soni

I am within



Title: I am within
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 30”x40”
Technical: Oil on canvas

‘I Am Within’ is the view of the creator, the almighty force in cosmic world. Life in differ-ent space and time asks the ultimate question to the creator ‘where are you?’. The answer is always the same ‘I am within’. Various civilizations, religions, philosophy, and science at-tempt to discover the identity of the creator, only to discover that it has no start and no end, it has multitude dimensions, and it is everywhere. ‘Everywhere’ includes the observer since it’s an instance of creation. The objects in the artworks are from Indian mythology, where creator is a roar. The view is from within a cave, where both creator and ob-server are present. When the observer asks the question within the cave, the answer ‘I am within’ is also in the cave, only hidden by the layers of outside world. The answer can only be contemplated when the observer dives deep into the inner world and identifies that ‘I am within’.

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