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Y Kodama

Y Kodama



My name is Y Kodama. My date of birth is 1989 and I was born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
I have loved drawing since I was a child, and during my school days I was the child who drew pictures on the edges of textbooks and notebooks and on the back of test papers.
I have a curious nature and since I got married I have been trying my hand at web design and screenwriting and painting acrylics while raising my two children.
I love nature very much and often took photos of landscapes with my smartphone, but that wasn't enough for me anymore.
Even though I took pictures, they were a bit different from what I saw with my own eyes. So I started drawing pictures of the sky and nature scenes and posting them on Instagram.
Nature has so many possibilities and enriches my mind. I would be happy if I could share some of the emotions I feel from nature with the people who see my pictures.


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