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Erica Cecchella Fava

Erica Cecchella Fava



When you live in a remote village between fields and fog, your imagination gallops to fight boredom and desolation.
Since I was a child I was interested in drawing, my mother taught me and I always tried to improve.
In high school I chose the Paolo Toschi art school in Parma and despite my love for drawing I chose advertising graphics in the third year. A choice but useful would have been better the path of pictorial decoration as the professor-painter Ugo Canetti had advised me.
As soon as I graduated I found a job in a picture gallery also in Parma and it was fantastic, it didn't seem real to me. Unfortunately the place was unhealthy and I had to give up my career as a decorator. Dark years of temporary work went by then I started drawing again every day looking for a job as a tattoo artist.
There will always be more capable, creative and faster people but when I draw or tattoo I feel like a person who deserves to breathe and capable of making people really happy thanks to one of my pieces. When you tattoo you see the blood and the resistance of a person who decides to have that drawing, that photo, those words forever. You need to have the ability and the l umty of a craftsman but the mind and imagination of a madman to have the right intuition or get to develop an idea.

"Dormi, ma lascia i tuoi sensi desi
Sorprenditi e scolpisci il senso di ogni cosa
Divora il vuoto con la fantasia
Lenta e sottovoce riempirà i tuoi perché" (Folkstone)


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