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Manami Rikuno

Manami Rikuno



I think there are many ways to express "my world”.
I'm sure there are many ways to express it such as writing, singing, dancing, and many more that I don't know about.
In my case, it just happened to be painting.
In my case, it just happened to be pictures. I think I want to offer my "world" in a visible form and ask the people who see it.
"This is what I think. What do you think?” And so on.
I put my thoughts into my works. Every artist does.
But I don't want to force my thoughts on anyone.
If possible, I want people who come into contact with my world to think about it, even subconsciously if they are individuals.
If they are with friends or family, I want them to share their opinions and listen to each other.
By doing so, their "own world" will expand further, and they may learn more about each other if they exchange their opinions.
I want to create such an opportunity.
I want to create an opportunity for people to further develop their own world and for people to connect with each other.
If I can create such an opportunity, I will be very happy.
I said that we continue to grow our own world until we die.
It is something that cannot be cultivated unless you are alive. The world that may eventually be complete will never be complete unless you are alive.
No one else can nurture it.
If you think of the world that has unfortunately been left unfinished, I sincerely hope that you will continue to live for the sake of your world.
I hope that you will carefully nurture them and eventually pass them on to someone else.
If you do so, you may be able to provide food for the next generation to grow up.

Mar 2015 Graduated with a degree in Japanese Painting, Faculty of Art and Design, Musashino Art University;
April 2015 Started working at a tax accountant office.
Continued to produce artworks while working, but resigned in order to engage in full-scale production activities.
While still a university student, exhibited at the Nichibi Kaiga Exhibition (now Nichibiten).
August 2018 Exhibited at the Ginza Bartok Gallery glitter exhibition.
April 2021 Exhibited at BUNGEI Art Life Museum2021 organized by Nihon Bungei, LLC.
June 2021 Exhibited at Art Market in Daiba, organized by Alpha Neo Co.
Sept. 2021 Exhibited at Untitled Exhibition, organized by Nihon Bungei, LLC (scheduled).

About my awareness of creation:
I would like to talk about the way I think about the composition of my paintings.
It varies slightly depending on the painting I am working on, but I will talk about the most common process. I start working on a new piece when a number of elements come together.
There are three main elements.
An object that becomes the main motif of the painting.
The situation or environment of the world around me at the time. The emotions and words that I am feeling at the time.
I will explain about each of these.
First of all, the main motif. Research about the object you have chosen as your motif to deepen your understanding of your chosen motif.
Secondly, the situation or environment of the world around me at that time.
This is just as the word implies: the world situation, the season, the time, and the place where I am. The third element is born from these factors.
Lastly, the emotions and words that you are feeling at the time. These are influenced by the second factor. What you see, what you hear. When you hold everything you can get, what do you think? I am conscious of what I want to say and connect it to the motif.
There is a clear difference in the quality of the finished work when all three of these elements are present and when they are not.


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