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Sylvie Attard




Title: Djamant
Size: 40x40x2 cm
Technique: Inspired by the art of stained glass, it is made entirely by hand, carved, cro-cheted, embroidered and woven with rows of gemstones: carnelian, amethyst, smokey quartz, citrin, peridot and the following cabochons:
1 peridot of 14x18mm and 14 carats,
4 amethysts of 17x17mm for 58 carats,
2 citrins of 14mm for 30 carats,
2 smokey quartz of 14mm for 30 carats
Weight of the jewel: 192 gr
Total weight of the object: 4,3 kg

Djamant is a luminous artwork born from my collaboration with Dacryl®manufacturer of acrylic crytal. Dacryl® made the acrylic "jewelry box" on its LED holder. DJAMANT is di-amond shaped made of yellow and pink 585/1000ème gold-filled, wire-wrapped and wire-woven.

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