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Conny Golla

Conny Golla



Born September 22, 1956 in Germany. Although I was a creative soul all my life, I did not experience enough support to start an art career as a young woman. There was not much possibility for a young woman to follow this passion/path. Therefore, I focused on my linguistic skills, be-came a foreign language assistant, started a family and raised two girls.
In my mind, my desire to make art grew stronger and I registered for an art class.
For many years, I painted still lives but never felt comfortable with it. However, it never truly fulfilled me and I always felt like I was only scratching the surface of my creativity.
It wasn’t until 2018 that I took my first class with an Austrian action and abstract artist
This was a life changing experience. It turned my inside out - and unleashed my true self as an artist but also as a woman.

Artistic statement:
I mainly paint in acrylic and mixed media. To experiment with a wide variety of materials and techniques to expand my image design. The mixture of order and chaos, improvisation, rede-sign, accidentally created, strong colours and complexity characterise my art pieces today. With using all these great techniques and tools, it is possible to bring energy and emotions onto the canvas. My joy is when people look at my art and dive into the structure and colour. I want them to really feel the positive energy and vibes that I put into each piece while creating it!
Life is like a canvas – it needs COLOUR!


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