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Bryan Chadwick

Bryan Chadwick




b. 1963, Montreal
Lives and works in New York
Largely self-taught
Kept work hidden or shown unattributed until 2020.
Work spans painting, photography, sculpture, installation,
music composition, and literature.


Have you ever experienced an extraordinary coincidence? The kind that makes you think momentarily that there must be some meaning to the events of our lives, some plan? My art is about what it feels like to experience that sensation —permanently.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve worried that the creative “nudges” I experience —these strange and specific inspirations that seemed to collapse everything into a kaleidoscopic unity— must either be coming from a form of mental illness or, worse, a source outside of myself. I didn’t know which was more alarming, so I kept my creative life secret.

What I knew was important, though, was to document everything in the “veiled languages” of art and music—hiding it in plain sight—so that, if I ever got the nudge to share my story, I’d have an accurate, honest, time-stamped way of expressing it.

All of this wants to culminate in a “multi-media codex” —a single work that will combine visual art, original music, and a work of literary non-fiction. What you see on my website and social media feeds at the moment form a small part of that larger whole.

Ultimately, my work is about phenomenology, prescience, aberrant and inspired salience, and what it’s like to tread the alarmingly thin lines between giftedness and mental illness, and spirituality and creativity.


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