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The show must go on
Agnieszka Kobylecka Kaminska

The show must go on



THE SHOW MUST GO ON / 2018 / 00:04:01/mp4 1920x1080 The show must go on. Dying swans. refers to the song of the Queens. My goal was to compare political and theatrical scene. I found both of them artificial and for show. Politicians smile in the same way as actors and dancers after the performance. Their decision are like irreversible sentence. Politicians are like another hero, another mindless crime. Behind the curtain in the pantomime. But this kind smile changes nothing and do not resolve contemporary problems. Life is life and lasts longer than performance and has serious consequences. The dying swan is the allegory of the Ukrainian war, Syrian refugees and people who died because of Ebola virus. We only could ask after Queens Does anybody want to take it anymore ?. If not probably the only thing would be empty spaces and the question what are we living for?. Artist: Agnieszka Kobylecka Kamińska

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