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Gloria Keh

Gloria Keh



Gloria Keh, 70, began painting since childhood. Her late father, Martin Fu, an oil painter, was her first art teacher.
She studied mandala art and symbolism at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, Australia, for over a period of 10 years and undertook a short course in art therapy at La Salle art college in Singapore.

In 2008, Gloria founded Circles of Love, a non profit charity outreach program, using her art in the service to humanity.

She has participated in over 100 art exhibitions. These include Art Expo New York, Shanghai Art Fair, Affordable Art Fairs in Hong Kong and Singapore, Art Basel Red Dot Miami, Contemporary London, Paris Art Fair 2021, Tokyo International Art Fair 2021, several biennales in Italy, in yearly exhibitions and art festivals at art museums in South Korea such as the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and the Kil Hwang Chang Art Muse-um, at the MEAM Barcelona, the National Gallery of the Maldives, the Tainan City Gov-ernment Minzhi Municipal Centre in Taiwan.
Her first overseas solo was held at the Gallery Steiner in Vienna, Austria. She has had three solo exhibitions in Singapore. Her first museum solo exhibition Energy was staged at the Yukyung Art Museum, South Korea (July/August 2022).
Gloria has won 18 international art awards. including the ATIM Top 60 Masters art award in 2020 in New York
As I age, am now 70, i tend to prefer to spend my time alone, in solitude, keeping company with my art.
My daily practice usually starts with making art in my art journal, and this serves as an excellent springboard for works on larger canvases. One form of art i particularly enjoy is making bookart. Handpainting books, filling the pages with colors, collage, quotations or writing a poem to enhance the pages of the artbook.
Who Will Pick My Bones was created following a poem i wrote of the same name.


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