Inside travel
Dajana Drozdowski

Inside travel



Inside travel, 2021, 30x40cm, Acrylic, 450 This Paint reminds me of a time in my life where I reflected myself a lot. For a female performing artist you always have to look great, wear fancy clothes and use make up. It's like a mask you wear every day. In time you forget about your real "you". You get depressed and sick. I remembered I walked through the woods to keep me calm and focused on what really counts. I found natural beauty everywhere. Rotten wood filled with tiny sweet mushrooms and flowers. Specially in winter I'm always impressed about this simple beauty of nature. So I'd like to look at myself. Being yourself. Use your natural beauty to encourage yourself and get strong. Find your path and always listen to the voice within your heart. We all beautiful the way we are ! Artist: Dajana Drozdowski