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Andreas Kountoureshis

Andreas Kountoureshis



Born in 1992, Andreas Kountoureshis is a Greek Cypriot artist from Nicosia, Cyprus. After four years of studies in Scotland’s Grays School of Art, 2017 saw him return home, to continue pursu-ing his artistic journey. Since then, he has been active in his studio in Nicosia, where he works to perfect his purposeful language.
From drawings to oil paintings, the works broaden to a scope of themes, addressing philo-sophical, rhetorical, and metaphysical aspects of everyday life, where the sun’s rays meet the abyss of thought.
Each work of art aims to set different questions for the viewer. On the borderline between reali-ty and fiction, the scale of the elements is left open for balance. Andreas, appreciated for his iconic style, has participated in several international exhibitions.

March 2023 - Group Exhibition "Meno e’ il più", in Genova
December 2021 - Solo Exhibition "Εκ του Χάους η Συμμετρία Εθεάθη", in Nicosia
November 2021 - Group Exhibition "Social Awareness / Project", in Nicosia
June 2019 - Group Exhibition "Έκθεση με θέμα τα Ενδημικά Βότανα", in Larnaca
April 2019 - Solo Exhibition "Conception, Inception and Deception", in Nicosia
May 2018 - Solo Exhibition "Τι Αντελήφθην εις το Φως και τι Ενοήθην στο Σκοτάδι", in Nicosia
February 2018 - Group Exhibition "Μονογονεϊκότητα", in Limassol
June 2017 - Year Exhibition "Gray's School of Arts Degree Show", in Aberdeen
March 2017 - Group exhibition "The Painters' Pre-Degree Show", in Edinburgh
March 2016 - Group Exhibition "Newave Aberdeen Stuffed Gallery", in Aberdeen
February 2016 - Group Exhibition "RAPID", in Vienna
February 2015 - Group Exhibition "Skotsko", in Skopje


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