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Luna Voss

Luna Voss



I’m fascinated with the moments when our intuitions and desires give us clear emotional visions. These intimate truths that we often attempt to deny seem blurred and half forgot-ten once the feelings pass, yet we are left behind with a strong bond with them.
My artwork is a constant search for this intimate subconscious truth. Sometimes this is a search within myself, at times it involves observing others. I also like to revel in technique, media and process and am constantly striving to perfect my skills.
In my series about Gia Carangi, I set out to explore how the harsh demand for superficial beauty can leave those seemingly gaining from this vulnerable. I was inspired by photo-graphs of her and the film about her life.
This fascination with superficial beauty and the superficial success and power of celebrity culture didn’t cease for me - even once the Gia project felt complete. I am still continually trying out new media using celebrity and model photographs from magazines in the "Kiss me, I’m famous” collection. I like the idea of taking back something intimate that has been made public and making it private again.
The “States of the Mind” collection is a personal exploration of the mental states I have been in. In many of the images I use myself as a model and this is one of the rare occas-sions some of the work is abstract.


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