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Ingrained Language
Anna Elizabeth

Ingrained Language



Title: Ingrained Language
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 30' × 40'
Technical: Digital Print on Canvas

By using different rock textures for the background and incorporating cave hash marks made by Homo Naledi, Neanderthals, and Homo sapiens, I’m showcasing the similarities in their artistic expressions and suggesting a universal instinctual language that all species create. The inclusion of different skulls and skull x-rays adds another layer of depth and connection to the piece. I have creatively explored the commonalities between different species through my artwork. I am highlighting the shared instinctual language that all species create through their cave art. It's fascinating to think that this art form could transcend differences and be a universal means of expression. Additionally, the inclusion of different skulls and skull x-rays in the background symbolizes our shared origins and inter-connectedness as species in the cosmic universe. I hope my artwork is visually captivating but also thought-provoking in its exploration of our commonalities. My use of different rock textures in this artwork enhances the message of shared instinctual language through cave art by visually representing the diversity and complexity of human and non-human species. Each rock texture symbolizes a different species, showcasing their unique contributions to the universal language of cave art. The variation in textures also adds depth and visual interest to the overall composition, further engaging viewers and draw-ing them into the narrative of my artwork. I wanted each rock texture to symbolize a different species by representing their distinct artistic styles and techniques. For example, a rough and jagged texture represents Homo Naledi, known for their more primitive cave art style, while a smoother texture could symbolize Neanderthals, who were known for their mastery of representational art. In contrast, a more polished and refined texture represents Homo sapiens artistic expression. By incorporating these different rock textures, I’m highlighting the rich diversity of artistic expression among different species and emphasizing their unique contributions to the universal language of cave art. Each species used the same ingrained style of shading or perspective hash marks in heavily bold lines, with an intricate crisscross pattern, or symbolic representations to convey meaning and tell stories. I included these in my artwork to convey the art language used by species hundreds of thousands of years apart. It seems to be an ingrained universal instinctual language. I also incorporated different skulls in the background and skull x-rays of the var-ious species, highlighting the shared biological aspects that connect us all as living beings. It symbolizes our common origins and reminds us that, despite our differences, we are all part of the same cosmic universe. I hope this conceptual understanding adds depth and secret meaning to my artwork, offering viewers a thought-provoking perspective on our interconnectedness as a species.

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