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Rossana Mannarino

Rossana Mannarino



My name is Rossana, I’m 20 years old and I’m an Artist from Genoa.
In recent years I have entered the world of painting rediscovering my great passion.
It all started in the period of the first Covid quarantine when, thanks to a video seen on social media, I started painting on clothes, then moving on to furniture, walls etc.
Painting was immediately an outlet, I have always been a creative girl and full of desire to do, but I never thought I could find my "light" in a brush and some color.
I have changed a lot in recent years thanks to painting.
I wanted to renew my person, I wanted to distinguish myself from others, in addition to having changed many aesthetic aspects of myself, I began to focus on what I had inside and on what I could give to the world. I feel like I have a rainbow inside of me that needs to go out and take their place in this materialistic society.
I've never been one to take orders and keep quiet. I like to talk, have my say to the point of screaming just to get respect for me.
I'm only 20 years old, but I feel like an artist.
I feel like an artist in all respects and it was I who decided it. It was I who said one day: “Well, I'll be a painter”, because we are the ones who choose who to be tomorrow.
Today's society chooses who you are, what you do, how you have to be and how you have to behave, but I got bogged down and sat in my seat.
Because that's the secret: going against the tide, chasing your dreams, making your dreams your job so you can wake up happy every day of your fucking life.
I see many young people like me, sometimes even my dear friends, who let themselves be eaten by the context in which they find themselves because they think they cannot deserve better, but this is what they want us to believe. They want us to be photocopies all the same, ignorant and devoid of critical thinking, so that they can maneuver us in the best possible way.
Because basically there is "someone" who decides in our place, we think we are free, but it is only a concept that does not come and cannot be applied if on our part there is not that desire to live and to be free.
I attended the school for surveyors here in Genoa, even if my desire would have been to attend the artistic high school, but with a thousand ups and downs in the end I managed to finish my studies within the predetermined limit.
I have always hated school, the school system, teachers, classmates.
I have always been the "strange" one, the one too exuberant, the one who always argued and, I must admit, it was certainly not easy to deal with someone like me, but school is the first container in which they want to lock you.
You get out of there that you are exactly like the others.
They do not stimulate your desire to learn, your desire to know and discover, but their goal is to put you in competition with others.
If you are born a fish you will be the best at swimming, but if they put you in competition with a monkey and your job is to climb a tree, you will fail.
And no one will explain to you that you are not wrong, because that is precisely their intent. Making us feel inadequate, wrong, rejected by everyone.
And sometimes it is even like this, you are rejected because "different", because it does not conform to the social guidelines set up.
But, like everyone else, I have my life and the last years of school, while I was studying, I worked in the family tobacconist's bar trying to lend a hand to the only people who gave me unconditional love: my parents.
After about a year from the end of my studies, I decided to move to Milan to start the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, I had very high expectations, because it is a very renowned academy, but in addition to having disappointed all my expectations, for a period , I fell into depression.
My goal was to make my parents proud who, despite having always given me everything, had already written my fate, leaving the family business in my hands.
And I, in fact, wanted to make them proud by making them understand that I would have done it alone too.
But this did not happen. Because? Because sometimes, a person's intelligence lies in understanding that he has taken the wrong path and that he has plenty of time to go back one square and start again more charged than before.
Milan was not my environment, the Superba makes me its subject, I owe everything to this spectacular city, its sea, its mountains ... watching the sun hide behind the horizon while looking from the tip of the highest mountain in my area, makes me the happiest and luckiest person in the world.
After all, having "failed" in Milan and returning to Genoa after only 6 months had created in me a sense of guilt and dissatisfaction which, for months, deprived me of the strength even to get out of bed, to eat , to train, to dream again ...
But now, I am more charged than before, I will shortly start the Academy for Tattoo Artists AreaDomorrow here in Genoa, while I am the administrator of my construction company Geometra Rossana SRL.
I have big plans for my future, nothing and nobody will stop me, because my goal is to make art in my life.
Only it can make me happy and my only goal is: to be happy.


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