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Paradise rediscovered
Eric James Duhan

Paradise rediscovered



Title: Paradise rediscovered
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 1m X 73 cm
Technical: mixed media on Canvas

“As a younger man born into an artistic family in Catholic Ireland the notion of paradise was clear and precise. As I grew older that idea changed and when puberty hit me it was shattered.
I spent half my life trying to please my boss, my partners even those I wanted as friends that I was worthy of their perceived paradise, a heaven where the just and true belonged.
It was after the depths of hell opened before me and I lost all that I held dear up to then that I realized the most important and beautiful things come from within and not outside. The outside reflects our personal paradise, and it is only in loosing ones heavenly certainties that we recover the real paradise. This painting was one of the first new works trying to explain this.”

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