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Ellyxia Castle

Ellyxia Castle



Née à Bedford, un petit village québécois près des frontières américanes, Ellyxia Castle est une femme d’affaire chevronnée qui a un front de bœuf avec la grâce d’un papillon. Elle est celle qui ose parler et affronter tous les défis. En plus d’être une écrivaine pas-sionnée, elle joue d’une discipline à l’autre, d’un paradoxe sensoriel pondu sur la blan-cheur de quelques pages aux canevas multicolores mixés avec plusieurs matériaux. Elle vous présente ses œuvres d'art.

Ayant l’âme d’une écrivaine et d'une artiste multidisciplinaire depuis son jeune âge, elle griffonne ses histoires depuis plus de 30 ans et aujourd’hui, elle se remet à l’art, un do-maine qu'elle avait pas touché depuis des lustres. Alors, elle vous souhaite un superbe voyage visuel.

Elle aime bien l’acrylique, la brillance et la profondeur des paillettes, donc, à la base, toutes ses toiles sont faites ces matériaux. Aimant la chaleur et la texture, elle y ajoute, occasionnellement, certains matériaux tels que l’époxy, la jute, la corde ou le la-tex, donnant ainsi, une troisième dimension aux œuvres. Du pinceau, en soufflage ou en coulage les paillettes rehaussent toujours la profondeur des couleurs, elle en a fait ma signature.

La finition est très importante pour moi, donc, la majorité de mes toiles sont finies à l’époxy et les encadrements sont tous faits à la main et personnalisés selon chacune des toiles pour rehausser leurs couleurs et leur éclat.

Born in Bedford, a small village near the American borders, Ellyxia Castle is a seasoned businesswoman who has a beefy forehead with the grace of a butterfly. She is the one who dares to speak out and face all challenges. In addition to being a passionate writer, she plays from one discipline to another, from a sensory paradox laid on the whiteness of a few pages with multicolored canvases mixed with several materials. She presents you her artworks.

Having the soul of a writer and a multidisciplinary artist since a young age, she has been scribbling her stories for more than 30 years and today she is returning to art, a field she had not touched since for ages. So, she wishes you a great visual journey.

She loves acrylics, the shine and depth of glitter, so basically all of her canvases are made of these materials. Loving warmth and texture, she occasionally adds certain mate-rials such as epoxy, jute, rope or latex, thus giving a third dimension to the works. From the brush, in blowing or pouring, the sequins always enhance the depth of the colors, she has made it my signature.

The finish is very important to me, so the majority of my canvases are finished with epoxy and the frames are all handmade and personalized according to each canvas to en-hance their colors and their shine.

All that glitters is not gold, but it certainly has a magical quality for Canadian pain-ter Ellyxia Castle. An accomplished poet and writer of erotica, horror, and sci-fi thrillers, Ellyxia tints her writings and canvases with the esoteric and a copious amount of spar-kles. Ellyxia’s wild imagination generates visions of outer space: planets orbiting around giant balls of fire, skies traversed by bolts of lightning during a cosmic storm, or alien-looking plants framing moons in the distance. Her abstract paintings resemble nebulas or astral Big Bangs. To create different textures, Ellyxia uses sequence, latex, chains, or chords. Most pieces are sealed off with two coats of epoxy, which confers an almost oth-erworldly gleam upon the paintings. Her approach to art is the same as in her writing: first comes the title, then the plot unfolds. Ellyxia’s methodical process is perhaps a way to rein in the ebullient life force stored within her; a way to express what she jokingly calls her “explosions sentimentales.”

Ellyxia studied Communication, Journalism and Writing at Université TÉLUQ in Canada. She is a published author of short stories and poems. Alongside her artistic and literary practice, Ellyxia runs several technology and marketing businesses. She lives and works near Montreal, Canada.


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