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Pilar Viviente (Madrid, 1958) is a multidisciplinary artist belonging to the so-called Reflexive Generation of the 90s. National Award for Excellence in Academic Performance (1987), 4-year PhD Fellowship (Spanish FPI, 1988-1992), and PhD by the UB (1993), she has been a professor at the UMH since 1998, where she has directed doctoral theses. With about 200 publications of her authorship, both national and international articles, she has published in media, art and culture magazines, academic journals, art catalogs and conference proceedings books. Pilar Viviente has been trained in the Catalan school, her artistic language assimilates elements of Pop Art, Conceptual, Abstraction and Informalism. From 1985 to date, she has held around 200 national and international exhibitions in galleries, museums and art spaces, participating in biennials and fairs, and performing her music in piano recitals. Youth Art Show Award 1988 from the Ministry of Culture and Museari Award 2022 for Artistic Career, her work is represented in important museums such as MACBA, as well as in prestigious public and private collections around the world, currently being for sale in art galleries in Spain and abroad.

COLLECTIONS (Selection by location): MACBA, Hotel Arts, IEC and UB, Barcelona; Fondation Satsuma, Colegio de España and Galerie Maeght, Paris; Fundación FC, Diputación de Aragón, CAI and UZ, Zaragoza; UMH, Elche; MGEC Museum, Marbella; MC, MEC and BNE, Madrid; Venusberg Museum, Frankfurt; Progressive Corporation and Orensanz Foundation, NY; Ploiesti Art Museum, Romania; Çukurova University, Turkey; Comune di Soncino, Italy, Museari, Valencia; Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Korea, etc.

For some time now, I have been developing in my work the concept of "Rodete", so present in the headdresses of Iberian women. And to this Series belongs the work featured here, in 2022. The wheel-shaped ornament on each side of the Iberian bust La Dama de Elche is called "Rodete". We can also find Paleolithic Rodetes similar to Chinese disks in the Altamira Museum. In addition, the "wheel" is also a mandala. I've been working inspired by the shape and symbolism of this particular design, which carry liberation through repetition, either visually or soundly (solo piano). It refers to cosmic consciousness and archaeological themes, mythical and universal patterns beneath the surface, and is related to an artistic research into light and color.

The "Rodete" connects contemporary art with archaeology and brings archaeology and knowledge from the past to the present, thus redefining identities from an ecofeminist perspective (feminism and ecology), focusing on ecological sustainability, women and gender issues. There is here the search for a primitive but powerful way in which to express a feminist framework. As Eva Klaehn points out, "The multimedia project Rodete of Pilar Viviente explores the forgotten balance between history and gender." (HOME [less] Catalogue. Garmisch-Partenkirchen: New Art Salon Foundation, 2022).

The Artist Statement above is published in:

Pilar Viviente. The Blue Lotus Magazine. Assian Arts and Cultures e-magazine. Issue 55, Sept. 2022. P. 102-180.


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